Updating Results

Simone Briggs

I love contributing a new perspective. I ace problem solving by way of thinking creatively.

Describe your current role and career progression at Capgemini.

I joined Capgemini Consulting in North America four years ago. I joined Capgemini because I sought to work for an organisation with a global footprint, workforce and impact.

Explain a day in the life at Capgemini.

I consider myself a professional problem solver. I listen to my clients and my project teams to understand what they’re really trying to achieve and their operating constraints to propose a way forward. Each day I balance time spent delivering to clients, and time supporting the development of the organisation and my colleagues, internally.

What do you love most about your job?

Working at Capgemini is highly collaborative, and I have a lot of autonomy in my roles. The organisation employs a very diverse workforce in regard to personal and professional backgrounds so there is always an interesting team to learn from.

How does Capgemini help support your career growth and aspirations?

Capgemini’s leadership is very receptive to proposals to improve the employee experience and ways of working internally. They prioritise and make time to listen to individuals and offer their support. Most recently, the Social Innovators was launched – a practice employees have been highly receptive to and excited about because it gives us an opportunity to make a positive societal impact and a challenge that differs from our day to day project work.

What advice would you give to women wanting to break into the IT industry?

Find a mentor and role model to coach and inspire you. Find an advocate – someone who is respected in your organisation, has an established network and can help create the opportunities you need to grow your career and earn you visibility.