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Marcus Oldham College

Marcus Oldham Graduate Stories: Jim Riordan

Jim Riordan started what grew to become the Riordan Group as a sole transport operator, with one truck, in 1996. From day one he had a plan to capitalise on an opportunity he saw to cart and store grain for farmers in the Western Districts of Victoria.

To find out more about Marcus Oldham’s Bachelor of Business (Agriculture), visit https://marcusoldham.vic.edu.au/courses-enrolment/agriculture

" In the early 90's, you're unable to explore grain in your own name. It was a controlled market. In the early 2000's, the barley market deregulated and then enabled reading grains to then establish some customers offshore for barley market in containers. We were then able to work towards looking at the deregulated market place to be out of bulk ship out of Australia for the first time. 

.. But the main thing I learned from Marcus Oldham was basically to research information, to find information, and then put that information into a package. They then enabled me to do an analysis of what I wanted to do. "