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Ducere Global Business School

Work with leading Businesses Startups, Governments and Not-for-Profits

"One of things that really stood out to me about the Ducere UCMBA was the fact that it was focused on real world applications for the problems of tomorrow." – Ben Small ( Chief officer, Farstad Shipping)

"I try to study with Ducere for the exact reason of studying a live project on organizations that aren’t Government. With my background in Government, I wanted to keep doing my normal job, but get practical on the job experience with other organizations". – Ryan Winn (Director, Planning and Performance Governance and Audit Branch, Department of Education and Training)

“The MBA has allowed me to explore different kind of topics and areas in learnings which are not part of my role with ‘Save the Children’. I like the fact that it was industry based, that it was flexible – that lectures were online, but that they were also interactive. And all of those things to me were really appealing. I could see how I could fit it into my life – how I could fit it in having a full time role” - Zeah Behrend (Heed of National Programs & Quality – Save the Children Australia)

“To find a course that offers you learning in a real life environment that allows you to apply the learning as you go. And you can not only apply to your current study, you can start implementing that short a while back in your business. -Jamie Marra (National Operations Manager – A_Space Recreation Pty Ltd.)

You’re taking academic concepts, applying them to real life situations, which will result in real life outcomes. Which will then impact the broader economy, which is something that’s a bit different than a lot of MBAs in a sense that this academic pieces which are marked, and left unassessed. –Steven Moran (Senior Manager, Commercial Analysis – SEEK Limited)

“I do spend quite a lot of time at sea, more than half the year. So the beauty of this MBA program is that by virtual off the online portal, and the group collaborations by teleconference online hangout, that I can be offshore, many hundreds of miles away from land and using the internet to connect and collaborate with my fellow project members. “ – Ben Small

“I think from a material perspective and academic study, the webinars and the materials online – not only did they cover the traditional frameworks and management theories, but they actually considered the relevant, the up-to-date, the current thinking. So you spend a lot of time looking at that and really using that to inform recommendations on what you’re doing on the industry project.” -Ben Kilpatrick (Associate Director Advisory – Strategy and Operations, KPMG)

" The structure of the MBA is that in your first trimester, your first industry project and associated academic courses that you’ll learn. So you’re there to learn, to understand the process, to understand how it works. In your second trimester, you move up into a manager, so you support the learners in the group to deliver the industry project. And In your third project, you’re a leader.” - Zeah Behrend

“The global faculty, the ability to access global thought leaders sets it apart. Unless you travel to a Harvard or a Standford University, you just don’t get to access this caliber of academia, and this caliber of global import” –Nicky Long (CEO – Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision)

“So on the networking side of the Coeval events are really the highlights of this semester. Hearing from fascinating people, members of the global faculty, and really stepping back from all the studying and the industry projects and just hearing from inspirational leaders about their thinking in that space and it really challenges the way that you think” - Ben Kilpatrick

“You get to meet a lot more people from the events and also connect through people you hope you put on your project team to. Half of them are going to be on all our project teams so, really expansion at work. And we’ve utilized that to some degree and helping us say how it’s meant to be used for this project." - Steven Moran

“I didn’t sign up to the MBA for an easy journey and I think that as a leader, everyday you’ll learn and that’s your opportunity to tell stories and bring others along your journey as well” -Erin Pinto (Sales Enablement Consultant, NAB)

“At the start of this I was up for a challenge and certainly got that. It wasn’t just a sort of institutionalized dependence on academic frameworks, it was actually looking at engaging with businesses and Government leaders, non-profits, applying and the learnings, not only come from the academic study but also the global faculty and engagement with our project partners in delivering those outcomes as well as personal value" - Ben Small