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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
As a graduate developer, in the graduate program, my primary objective is to continue to grow and develop against my personal development plan that is set at the beginning of each rotation. My day to day responsibilities include working as a developer, picking up stories and delivering this end to end. This work may be done independently or pairing with another developer. In addition, I undertake self-learning initiatives.
Graduate, Melbourne
My day to day typically includes working on tickets/Jira's (tasks) on different areas of the Xero product. I fix bugs, make design changes and implement new features that go live to our customers. I also continuously work on improving my technical and non-technical skills through goals that I have set myself. This might include improving knowledge sharing (blogs, presentations etc.) skills or learning a new technology that helps with my current role. There's a good balance between contributing to the work of the company and spending time learning what I need to know to grow.
Graduate, Melbourne
Depends on rotation. Generally a combination of writing and understanding code, problem solving with the team, and various kinds of learning.
Graduate, Melbourne
As a graduate developer we get quite a lot of flexibility to both do learning and general programming work. I tend to lean on the general programming work since I find that I learn better with experience / practical learning. Generally a day will begin with catching up on slack/email and then going into a social meeting with the office (especially important with the covid lockdown!). We will then have a daily standup meeting. Most of the rest of the day will involve working on something from our sprint which may also be something done in a group setting. Some days I'll have some form of training session (usually around lunch). In terms of the actual work I could be doing anything from writing code, debugging a problem, doing some testing, maintaining existing systems or releasing an updated system.
Graduate, Canberra
Develop ios app and spend some time to learn an keep up with new technologies
Graduate, Melbourne
Adding features and fixing bugs to existing web applications
Graduate, Melbourne