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Torey Rickerby

5.00 AM

My alarm goes off. I’m the type of guy that sets multiple alarms, so I head straight back to bed. Sleep is a valuable resource particularly when I’m training for marathons.

5.30 AM 

The coffee is going down great, I’ve had a banana, laced up my shoes and I’m immediately out the door. Today, like most mornings, I’m running for 60 minutes. I got into running in 2018 when I ran the New York City Marathon with the Indigenous Marathon Foundation. Running has become my daily self-care activity and it set’s me up for success each day at work.

7.00 AM 

After running I’m always very hungry. I usually eat overnight oats for breakfast made most Sundays to save me time during the week. I pack my lunch and head to the bus stop. 

7.20 AM

I usually spend the bus ride listening to a podcast or dissecting data collected during my morning run. As an engineer, I’m amazed at the amount of data we can collect from running watches and the various conclusions that can be drawn. My watch is telling me that I ran too fast this morning, I hope my coach doesn’t mind!

7.50 AM

I arrive at work. It’s my first day back from a secondment at Rio Tinto which means I need to give a presentation this week on my experience. I’m nervous as presenting can be a daunting task but I see all challenges as an opportunity to grow so I’m partly excited.

8.00 AM

My office has an agile seating arrangement, so I try to arrive early to work each day to sit at my usual desk, right by the window. 

8.10 AM

I check my emails, catch up with my team and plan for the day ahead. But before doing any work, I head to our tearoom to grab the first of many coffees for the day.

8.30 AM

I get stuck into the first task of the day. I’ve been tasked to review the mechanical design drawings for a 3km iron ore conveyor. As a mechanical engineer in the Resources team at WSP, we predominantly work with clients to solve material handling issues, typically in the mining industry.

11.00 AM

I’m currently sitting in our monthly Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) meeting where we discuss and plan for upcoming events such as NAIDOC week and employee cultural awareness training. I’m very passionate about increasing the participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in STEM industries.

12.00 PM

For lunch I usually spend the time to get some fresh air and sun by eating in the local park nearby. On the menu today I have quinoa, salad and chicken. I value my health and feeding my body with nutritious foods is my top priority.

1.00 PM

As a graduate engineer, most of my day is spent learning from senior engineers. Currently, I’m learning how to model a network of water infrastructure for a mine site’s dewatering program. I really heavily on the academic knowledge I gained at university to ‘sense-check’ the errors in the model.

2.30 PM

A short course on Project Management is about to commence. Our network for young professionals, Pathways, hosts event like these on a regular basis. 

4.00 PM

The last part of my work day is spent planning for tomorrow and checking if I achieved the tasks set out at the start of the day. Tomorrow’s big task is the presentation on my time at Rio Tinto.

4.30 PM

It’s home time! I pack up my belongings and say goodbye to my team for another day. 

5.15 PM

I arrive at home. I’m greeted by my partner and we head to the beach to watch the sunset. A sunset is the perfect way to wind down after a busy day. 

6.00 PM

Recently I completed my Level 2 Run Coach course as I am planning to establish a community running group in Perth that celebrates Indigenous culture. I respond to email queries about the new program and research the best location to host beginner runners.

Torey Rickerby

7.30 PM

I heat up my dinner and start unwinding for the night. 

8.00 PM

Before bedtime I like to stretch and meditate to relax. It helps me fall asleep instantly!

9.00 PM

On that note, its time to sleep. I have another 5:00 AM start tomorrow. I’m programmed for an easy 45 minute run and strength training in the gym