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Worley New Zealand

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Job Satisfaction at Worley New Zealand

7.8 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 12 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Process design of production plants including process modelling with a strong safety focus.
Graduate, New Plymouth
I'm rarely involved in work which I would consider 'innovative'. That being said I'm learning a lot. I am also involved in graduate activities, which allows me to take the initiative.
Graduate, New Plymouth
I am seconded to two different companies. I work on document controls, managing all the documents for a particular project. In my other secondment I am aligning all documents based on regulations to make sure that the company is aligned.
Graduate, New Plymouth
Pipe stressing and finding technical solutions to problems with our piping designs. Minor project management deliverables. Liaising with Senior Mech Engineer to find solutions to our designs every day
Graduate, Christchurch
System design, procurement, installation and testing of equipment
Graduate, New Plymouth
$150k - $4M on time and within budget.
Graduate, New Plymouth
As a graduate I work under the supervision of more senior engineers to produce many deliverables of detailed design e.g. calculations, drawings, datasheets, technical reports and operating procedures. I participate in several formal assessments such as HAZOPs, HAZIDs and design reviews as a scribe.
Graduate, New Plymouth
working alongside senior process engineers on various projects.
Graduate, New Plymouth