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I love the spirit of community that is present here at Westpac

I’m Lachlan, a 2021 Graduate and part of the Business graduate program. I studied a Bachelor of Business (majoring in Marketing) at Western Sydney University and in my spare time I love to play basketball and get in the kitchen to cook for my friends and family.

Explain what your business area does or their function within the group.

I’m a part of the Business Division, which are responsible for looking after SME, commercial, agribusiness and private wealth customers across the Westpac Group. We work with a massive variety of customers, from small family-owned businesses to complex commercial entities.

Why did you apply for a graduate role at Westpac Group, and why your chosen business area?

In my marketing degree, I had developed a keen interest in the role and importance of the customer experience in the business. I applied to the Westpac Graduate Program because I was drawn to the significant role that the bank played in the lives of so many Australians. In the business division, we have the opportunity to positively impact the experiences of customers and this is the leading reason why I chose to join this area.

I also wanted to work for a company that was invested in my development and where I had room to grow professionally. Given my interests in a variety of different areas, it was important to find somewhere where I could explore and expand on my interests and skills. Westpac was the natural choice for me.

To date: please provide an overview of the rotation(s) you have completed and, if cross-functional, which business areas/groups you have worked

So far, I have worked in the Business Chief Transformation Office, which is responsible for delivering innovative change across the division to support our bankers, deliver great experiences for our business customers and help Westpac Group to become a simpler organisation.

I started my first rotation in the Strategy & Design team, which is responsible for shaping and designing the implementation of the strategic initiatives for the business division.  In this role, I had the opportunity to work on the design of the digital offering for our microbusiness segment, as well as scoping and managing opportunities for cost reduction across the division. This rotation allowed me to engage with teams across the business division in customer engagement, digital, cash management and business lending.

In my current rotation, I am working in the Process Simplification team, which supports the business division by improving products, processes and systems to make a difference for customers. I am currently responsible for driving a project to design and implement a tool for our commercial bankers to measure and plan their customer acquisition strategy. This project has allowed me to work with our capability, digital and customer engagement teams – I have even had the opportunity to shadow a commercial business banker to better understand their role.

To date: has there been a project you have been involved in that you found particularly exciting or engaging?

One of the key projects that I worked on involved examining the existing end-to-end journey for our microbusiness customers. In this project, my team compiled together analyses, data and strategy to make recommendations on a new digital offering to better serve our microbusiness customers; with the project ultimately being presented to the head of our division! I am also part of The Youth Network, where I was involved in the committee that oversaw the brand redesign for the group.

So far, what has been the highlight of the graduate program?

The connections that I have made in the graduate program have been amazing. I have had the opportunity to connect and collaborate with so many unique, driven people so far. Leaders and peers have made themselves available to share their professional journey and advice, as well as showing a genuine interest in my goals and development. There is a great graduate community that put on plenty of events like recreational sport, trivia and social drinks. The graduate program has given me friendships that I will treasure for a long time.

I also was surprised at the level of influence that I have been granted in my role as a grad. I have worked on projects that have gone directly to the most senior levels of the organisation and been given end-to-end accountability for initiatives that see me engage directly with stakeholders across the business. From my first day, I have been given the opportunity to do work that will have meaningful impacts on the organisation and our customers.

What is one thing you love about Westpac Group?

I love the spirit of community that is present here at Westpac. Whether it is the support that you are offered from your peers and leaders, the passion for helping customers or the culture of community involvement - it is noticeable how the Westpac Group is built on a strong sense of community.

Which of our five values – Helpful, Ethical, Leading Change, Performing and Simple – resonates with you most, in terms of your role as a Westpac Group Grad, and why?

Whilst all relevant, I think the value that resonates most with my grad experience has been ‘Helpful’. My teams have been directly responsible for helping both our customers and bankers, such as our work in redesigning and streamlining the credit decision-ing process. My senior leaders and co-workers have lived the ‘Helpful’ value through their support and investment in my development, and I have empowered to employ a service mindset in my approach to work.

What role/area/project are you excited to get involved in the post-Grad Program?

In the future, I am looking forward to continuing working in the CTO to help drive Westpac’s strategy to become a simpler, stronger bank.  I am also looking forward to engaging in a Jawun secondment, where I can share the skills, I have learnt from my role with Westpac with an Indigenous community organisation.

What is unique about your ‘Uncommon Mind’?

I’m a Business Division grad, but I love to cook.

To Wrap Up

Please describe your business area in three words.

Dynamic. Connected. Customer-Focused.

Please sum up your Grad experience (to date) in three words.

Curious. Challenging. Accountable.