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Training & Personal Development at Vodafone

7.2 rating for Training, based on 9 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
There is a very proactive training system within VHA called "Vodafone learning" it provides me with various courses for a huge variety of subjects. Also I can get funding for courses I want to do outside of the material provided. There are also training sessions provided by external companies on new technologies and their software, these tend to be the most education for me as they have so far been ground-breaking stuff.
Midlevel, Sydney
Training programmes are good at the start of the grad program. As more work piles up, it becomes difficult to manage at a later stage. Learnt a lot on how to present oneself when it comes to presenting information on powerpoint
Graduate, Sydney
Training/skills sessions are run for the graduates, usually once a month
Graduate, Sydney
As part of the graduate program a number of training sessions have been provided throughout the year. Presentation, cognitive, time management etc.
Graduate, Sydney