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Salary at Vodafone

6.7 rating for Salary, based on 9 reviews
What are your thoughts on pay and bonuses at your company?
When I started the pay I was getting was well under the average graduate pay, this was well known across the company and a change was made roughly half way through our first year. Subsequently pay rises have bought us in line with what should be first year grad pay levels, this is based on information from presentations by Engineers Australia and Professionals Australia that I have attended. My salary has definitely gotten better to a point where I can actually save a respectable amount of money, plus pay rent and support my mother back in Melbourne. On a separate note the Bonus rate is great
Midlevel, Sydney
I feel like salary/wages for Graduate should be reviewed particularly for an engineering graduate.
Graduate, Sydney
Satisfied - fits my current responsibilities as a graduate
Graduate, Sydney
What are your company's best or most unusual perks? For example: free tickets, free dinners, moving expenses, taxis, pension, etc.
Hands down the greatest perk that any youth could have is a subsidised phone on an unlimited everything plan. Every 2 years we get to choose a new phone and most of the cost of the phone is subsidised, even though the phone is for work purposes you are allowed to use it for personal use as well. There are plenty of other benefits, like 10% off Virgin flights and many more. There is a moving expenses benefit too, this was very handy for me when I moved from Melbourne, they even shipped my car to Sydney.
Midlevel, Sydney
Various discounts from vendors
Graduate, North Sydney
Access to the latest Smart phone with unlimited calls/text and 10GB data each month.
Graduate, Sydney
Free phone and mobile plan, gym discounts, paid parental leave
Graduate, Sydney
Free or subsidised mobile phone and free phone plan
Graduate, Sydney
Company paid for my move to Sydney. Subsidised phone as tool of trade and mobile plan.
Graduate, Sydney