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Job Satisfaction at Vodafone

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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Managing requests and making sure that all requirements are met. Working with different vendors and business stakeholders to make sure that requests are delivered on time.
Graduate, Sydney
On a day to day basis I make reports on network performance for the Radio Access Network (RAN) elements, this involves heavy use of Access and Excel. on top of this I also get Ad-Hoc requests by various people for data on certain aspects of the RAN elements. These requests usually require me to create new reports within the OSS platform used for monitoring performance. Once I have this new data I would have to create a short powerpoint on the it and present it to my line manager. Also I have been involved with network audits where I have verified configurations of network elements and adminstrative databases of these elements with other departments to ensure we all have the same, correct information regarding our networks RAN elements.
Midlevel, Sydney
Cyber Security and Vulnerability Management
Graduate, North Sydney
Doing network changes, Working on Design.
Graduate, Sydney
Data administration, project work
Graduate, Sydney
Part of the team that caters for your IP connectivity requirements
Graduate, Sydney
Network performance monitoring and optimisation. Improving performance in localised areas
Graduate, Sydney