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Hari Prasath

My journey in Vocus started as a Technology Intern in April 2018 after my graduation from a Network systems degree from Swinburne University. As an Intern, I worked in the Network operations centre where I was exposed to the vast Vocus network and learned the tricks and traits of Fibre, TX and Data domains. The opportunities here at Vocus are endless and lucky for me, on completing my 3-month internship, I was fortunate enough to apply for and be offered a full-time role as a Network Change Engineer with the Operations Network Change team, here in Melbourne. That was 18 months ago. A week ago I was able to leverage off the amazing career growth opportunities here at Vocus and I have been promoted to a new role as a Data Engineer here at Vocus. I am excited to start a new career path and see where this role takes me.

Hari Prasath Network Operations Team

The Network Operations Team

My day is full of fun and action and looks like this.

6.00 AM

Good Morning Melbourne! Waking up to the sound of the alarm clock, I leave my bed feeling confident and eager to learn.  I make my bed and complete the morning chores. And off I go to the office.

7.30 AM

I commute to work by train from Kew to CBD. Our office is accessible by 10 minutes’ walk from Flinders station. While commuting, I listen to my favourite playlist on YT music and read Google news.

8.30 AM

I arrive in the office and exchange pleasantries with the team and have breakfast at the office, as our company promotes healthy well-being and offers morning breakfast and fruits to all employees.

Once I finish my brekky, I head off to my desk and log onto my computer to check emails, scheduled meetings and organise myself for the day.

9.00 AM

I prepare for the list of change activities to discuss in our daily morning stand-up meeting.

Being a big Telco company, there is approx. 3-4 major Network changes every night. We have a stand-up meeting every morning with our team to discuss the major Network Changes and its impact to the network on that scheduled night.

9.30 AM

I work through my emails and replying to customer queries. I attend a meeting with our L3 engineers, gather their requirements, assess the impact of the network changes, and schedule the work based on SLA. The Change activity keeps me busy until 1.00 PM or maybe longer.

Hari Prasath Working with manager

Working with my manager Yugma.

1.00 PM

My body needs fuel to run for the rest of the day. I plan to pack lunch every day when leaving home but that does not work well all the time. Not to worry, there are amazing restaurant options nearby, occasionally there is even a Mexican food truck out the front of our office building.

Friday lunchtimes we have allocated as a team lunch. We hang out together, chatting about our personal lives as well as work goals.

Hari Prasath Team Lunch

Team Lunch

2.00 PM

Back to work! Teamwork - We run a knowledge sharing session, whenever we come across a new change activity to help keep our team members informed. This helps our team to grow stronger. We love to generate new ideas on how we could improve performance and productivity.

Hari Prasath Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing

3.00 PM

Complete the rest of the task and run reports of major change activity for the week and deliver these to our manager. I normally have a coffee break around 3.30 PM to reenergize for the afternoon. About 4.30 PM, I prepare my to-do list for tomorrow so I don’t forget things.

5.00 PM

Occasionally, we as a team go bowling or out for dinner upon successful completion of a major project. It’s exciting and fun to be a part of the Operations Network team at Vocus.

Hari Prasath Bowling after a successful project rollout

Bowling after a successful project rollout

Home time – I will catch a train back home and most days will go to the gym with my friends.

I spend about an hour in the evening to upskill my knowledge on Cloud and security, thanks to my company for the subscription to the Cisco training package and the LinkedIn learning material.

10.00 PM

Dinner and Bedtime – will go to bed by 10 PM and looking forward to the next day #VocusLife #OneTeam