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Victoria's Big Build (Major Transport Infrastructure Authority)

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Lily-Rose Palmer

7 AM - Waking up and getting ready

It’s time to rise and shine! Waking up is a little hard for some more than others; I’m definitely more of a morning person than my cat Momo.


7.30 AM - Breakfast and morning coffee

My roommate, Heather, and I start our morning by eating breakfast and having coffee on our balcony. We make sure to have some downtime in the mornings to help us get prepared for the day ahead.


8.30 AM to 9 AM - Daily team catch-up

Every morning, my team and I have a quick catch-up at 8.30 AM. It’s a great time to come together and chat about our week. We cover topics from work, to Netflix, books, games – you name it, we discuss it! It’s a great way to start the day and connect with each other.

catch up

9 AM to 12 PM - Loving Excel

After perusing my emails, it’s time to get stuck into my to-do list for the day. Today, I’m reviewing the Land, Planning and Environment Strategy for a couple of projects in development. I’ll also be creating a draft Sustainability Opportunities Register, which will help us explore opportunities to achieve great sustainability outcomes on our projects.


12 PM to 1 PM - Road Scholar Series

At lunchtime, I’m fortunate to be able to tune in to a Road Scholar session. These sessions are delivered by staff from across the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority (MTIA) on the intricacies of their work. It’s an awesome way to learn about the other business disciplines. Today, the Ecology Team from Major Road Project Victoria (MRPV) is presenting on the topic of ecological surveys and threatened species assessments.

Road scholar series

1.30 PM to 2.30 PM - Weekly sustainability catch-up

Every week, Bec and I have a sustainability catch-up to check in with each other and provide updates. We will have ad hoc catchups during the week, but it’s always useful to have an established time to chat through our progress.

5 PM to 5.30 PM - Finishing up

Another day done! It’s important to have time to rest and recharge. I usually like to unwind by reading a book, playing my Switch or going for a walk. Afterwards, Heather, Momo, and I will usually watch something together on Netflix. Tonight, we have also made some delicious desserts to accompany us! Soon, it will be time to head off to get a good night’s sleep in preparation for a new day tomorrow.

Finishing up