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Career Prospects at Department of Transport

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Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
The classification alignment makes it bleak, as higher roles such as senior officers and team leaders pay 10% less than before. My current desire is to seek career development in private industry or major projects.
Graduate, Melbourne
I can't really tell you much about moving up the ranks apart from if a high-paying position opportunity arises, apply for it. Promotions aren't really guaranteed, pay rises are pending conditions are met.
Graduate, Melbourne, Victoria
I believe there is lots of potential for opportunities to move up the ranks as there is constantly jobs opening up across the whole of government (all departments) and they usually look internally first to fill the role.
Graduate, Melbourne
As a graduate there are plenty of opportunities to take secondments and gain higher-level experience. Within my first year I have been approached twice to fill in temporary senior roles for six months. Moving around the levels of VPS 3 and 4 is quite good from my experience.
Graduate, Melbourne
The program allows up to seven rotations to find an ongoing position.
I believe it is part of the company's pathway programs that they encourage all employees to want to progress. If something comes up you are encouraged to, at the very least, think about if you want to progress or take on new challenges.
Graduate, Ballarat
I am satisfied, I think there may have been opportunities that I could have applied for that I haven't - this is mainly due to wanting to get the most out of the graduate year, rather than think about the money. I also think that if you ask for more responsibilities/express that you might be interested in learning more skills/having more exposure to different areas this can often be accommodated.
Graduate, Melbourne
Progression is slow as it seems to be more about the time you spend with the company and who. Since there is so many levels of government, it can take years to make any real progress. Since I feel like I am more technical focus, I feel like my progression would be better suited in private industry.
Graduate, Melbourne
As a graduate we are currently at level two and we will move to level three once we finish the graduate program. However, there are a lot of opportunities within the government.
Graduate, Melbourne
You don't "get promoted" in government, rather you must apply for roles or secondments to higher duties. Women are very well supported to undertake secondments at high levels.
Graduate, Melbourne
As long as you're willing to move sideways and diagonally, there seems to be a lot of opportunity to "move up the ranks" within the department and within the VPS.
Graduate, Melbourne
I think I will leave because I cannot see myself getting anywhere within DoT, which saddens me because I know I have skills that facilitate improvements to the network
Graduate, Melbourne CBD
Clear structure and plenty of secondment opportunities to develop into roles. Leadership and attitude seem to be the main way of moving up.
Graduate, Melbourne