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Hayley Bowyer

5.00 AM

My alarm goes off and I’m off to the gym. I like to try to start my day with a gym session before heading to work to hit the end-of-trip facilities. I always find starting my day at the gym helps me feel energised and focused for the day ahead.

7.30 AM

I get into the office just before 7:30, make something for breakfast and settle into some solid desk time. Mornings are an important time for me to get through emails, review my schedule for the day ahead and prioritise my workload for the day.

9.30 AM

This morning I’ve got my weekly project catchups with my line manager. We use these meetings to touch base on the status of the projects and provide advice/guidance on upcoming stages of the project and how these can best be managed.

12.30 PM

Time for some lunch! I try to take a quick walk at lunch to stretch my legs and enjoy some fresh air. I grab some sushi and head back to the office. We’ve got a great breakout area/kitchen space so it’s a good chance to catch up with colleagues and chat about what we’re up to on the weekend.

1.30 PM

The morning’s flown! Time to get stuck into the remainder of the day. The afternoon will be spent onsite attending site meetings, design meetings and a site walk to review progress. This afternoon I’m attending a site meeting on a retirement village site which is halfway through Stage 1 construction. This weekly meeting with the contractor is important to discuss and report on WHS, progress on site, budget and any other project updates.

Hayley Bowyer 1.30 PM Site Visit

3.30 PM

Now that the site meeting is complete, we move into the design phase of the meetings. This project is an upmarket, high-quality

Hayley Bowyer 3.30 PM Design Meeting

offering, so attention to detail and ensuring the client gets the result they are striving for is crucial. Design meetings are spent reviewing and refining design details, assessing samples and working with the architect and engineers to find and coordinate design solutions.

5.00 PM

I spend the last hour or so of the day trying to get out some emails and close out issues we’ve resolved during the day. This afternoon I’ve got some minutes from previous meetings to complete and an agenda for an important stakeholder meeting to prepare for tomorrow. After these are complete and I feel prepared for the next day, I’m out the door and heading to a social event we’ve got scheduled for this afternoon. I’m part of the People and Culture Team and lead the social activities for our office – today I’ve got lawn bowls planned for everyone!

Hayley Bowyer 5 PM Lawn Bowls