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TSA Management Australia

  • 100 - 500 employees

Salary at TSA Management Australia

6.8 rating for Salary, based on 5 reviews
What are your thoughts on pay and bonuses at your company?
Pay is very good for a Graduate role. Opportunities to progress seem quite positive at the moment.
Graduate, Sydney
Pay is good for a graduate role. Plus the company pays extra per month for your mobile phone bills.
Graduate, Brisbane
I think TSA pay slightly below the average APM salary. In saying this, the hours are reasonable and relatively flexible so it compensates a little. I'm not concerned about receiving bonuses, however wish to be compensated through a higher salary.
Midlevel, Melbourne
I've received no bonuses and as mentioned earlier, salary is below industry average.
Midlevel, Sydney
The company pays fairly within industry/market rates. They also have a bonus system for employees after 12 months of working there. Sometimes I don't believe the bonus are fair but its better than nothing.
Experienced, Sydney
What are your company's best or most unusual perks? For example: free tickets, free dinners, moving expenses, taxis, pension, etc.
Tickets to the football are generally going around when the season's on. I can claim coffees and the like of expenses if I have a client meeting.
Graduate, Brisbane
staff and partners dinner, social events, mentor program sponsorship.
Midlevel, Melbourne
The social events, cocktail party, Christmas party are so much fun. We have social events most months which are usually really good. We also have a health and wellbeing committee which provides really good things as well. Plus TSA has their own sailing boat and employees can go out on it.
Experienced, Sydney