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Clark Gajelloma

The best aspects of my role are having the opportunity to grow my professional network and the self-accomplishment of making a difference.

What's your job about?

Transdev delivers quality mobility solutions and services, anytime, anywhere. Connecting communities and upholding Transdev credo of uncompromising safety.

At Transdev, as a Graduate Mechanical Engineer, my role focuses on the preventative maintenance of Brisbane Ferries fleet and facilities. I am tasked to develop and improve maintenance plans and procedures of CityCat and Monohull vessels. Additionally, my responsibilities includes the project management, safety and improvement initiatives and general maintenance reporting.    

The best aspects of my role are having the opportunity to grow my professional network and the self-accomplishment of making a difference.  Meeting with Brisbane City Council, inter-department staff, clients and customers, is always great in building professional relationship, learning from their knowledge and experiences. Furthermore being able to implement improvement initiatives is a great accomplishment, being able to reduce in-efficiencies and improving safety. As a young engineer, working at Transdev is worthwhile opportunity, being able to work on a variety of tasks, connecting with people and working on the unique Brisbane Ferry Fleet.

What's your background?

I am sunny coast kid, being born on the great Sunshine Coast. Throughout my schooling years I always intrigued of how things works and fascinated by newly developed technology. It is from this fascination and interest mathematics I chose  to study a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. Studying Mechanical Engineering gave me wealth of knowledge, which lead me to my first engineering job in designing hot adhesive systems used within the food and packing industry. During that time I also took up an apprenticeship in Trade Engineering, Maintenance fitting and turning, to give me a practical understanding and knowledge in mechanical design and manufacturing. After having experienced engineering design, I then wanted to improve my project management skills and to learn more about preventative maintenance. Now I’m at Transdev Brisbane Ferries, gaining invaluable experience and knowledge, with personal and professional development.

Could someone with a different background do your job?

The candidate that best suited to this job, is someone with a tertiary qualification engineering with experience in maintenance planning or management. A marine background is highly favourable, if not, be willing to learn and get involved to learn marine terminology and procedures. The main characteristic of the jobs is being well organised and to be proficient at managing projects. Planning and quick thinking are also key attributes to the role, to consistently plan for vessel maintenance and breakdowns or failures.

What's the coolest thing about your job?

The Brisbane River is what makes my job enjoyable and unique, with scenic office views and being on the Brisbane Ferry vessels. Transdev Brisbane ferries maintenance facility is based at Rivergate Marine, thus having the office view of the river is just amazing seeing super yachts, cruise liners and even navy warships always makes the day interesting. Furthermore, working on the CityCats is again a worthwhile opportunity, being able to get out of the office and on to a CityCat for sea trials is just great.  All these benefits would not be the same without the great and fun people involved, it is the staff what makes the work life enjoyable.

What are the limitations of your job?

Like all jobs and tasks, deadlines and timeframes are pressure points where some can manage, or not. Time management is necessary for my role, due to working within council requirements and preventative maintenance schedules. There is pressure to complete tasks on time, on budget and to standard. Additional to this role you are giving the responsibility to manage tasks, workforce, clients and projects, which may be overwhelming for some.

3 pieces of advice for yourself when you were a student...

  1. Get out there and gain experience. Learn new skills and knowledge in various fields or industries.
  2. Network and connect to others. It’s not what you know but who you know.
  3. Set goals. Aim for futures objectives, and set to plan to achieve those goals.