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Madison Rennie

5.35 AM

Wake up

I wake up early and more often than not regret this decision. I either drive 5mins to Les Mills for a gym session or go for a run around Mt Eden. Surprisingly, the city is bustling at this hour in the morning! I find it motivating to come to work after exercising as it means I have more time to myself in the evening, especially in winter! In the warmer months I run up Mt Eden and get a great view of the City!


7.00 AM

Get ready

I usually prepare my work outfit the morning before, but Auckland weather is completely unpredictable, so it changes often. I pack my lunch and snacks the night before if I am organised. Right before leaving, I make myself a strong black coffee for the morning and walk round the corner to catch one of my four buses for the day.

8.00 AM


Because I am based on the outskirts of the city, Ponsonby, I find busing is the best route- as parking can get expensive! Although I have to catch multiple due to routes they take. I listen to podcasts on the bus and subtly people-watch.

8.30 AM


I aim to arrive at 8:30 or before, but public transport can be a little unpredictable here. First thing I do is greet my colleagues, then unpack my bag and check my emails. If there is anything urgent I reply immediately.


9.00 AM


I find it easier having breakfast at work, this saves me time getting ready in the morning. I leave a loaf of bread and peanut butter in the staffroom and opt for PB and banana toast. If I have any morning meetings, on Tuesdays we have Senior Management meetings I change my routine slightly, but I love not being rushed.

10.00 AM

Trello check

I use Trello as my online organisation tool, I try to layout my week and what it is looking like on Monday’s to ensure I set aside enough time for meetings etc and have prioritised my work to my deadlines.

11.00 AM


I just finished working on project for Toyota NZ and Olympics NZ, this involved zoom meetings, social media campaign and lots of design work. I tend to try and slot this type of work in the later morning when I am still fresh and caffeinated.

1.00 PM


I try to take my lunch around 1/1:30, I find packing your lunch is the healthiest and quickest way, as buying it can get very pricey. I usually read during my lunch break to take my mind off work and give myself some ‘alone’ time. If it is sunny I try to get out of the office and go for a stroll.


2.00 PM


My lunch break is half an hour, so I try to plan my afternoon to be as productive as possible. In all honesty I tend to hit a lull around 3pm, which is when I opt for snacks. I pack my desk drawer with muesli bars, bliss balls or even an apple to help keep me fuelled and focused for the remainder of the day.


5.00 PM

Finish up

As it nears 5 I try to finish off everything I can and then make a physical list in my diary of what needs to be accomplished the next day. This helps me prioritise my work and ensure I come in knowing exactly what I need to do the following day.

If it is a Friday, we tend to finish a little a earlier and I ensure I pack my work laptop with me as you never know when another lockdown may happen (especially in Auckland)

5.05 PM


The bus picks me up 5mins from work, I have to catch one inner city link and one outer city link. I do not mind the evening bus though, as I am usually not in a rush to get home.

7.00 PM


I usually try and plan my meals for the week and sort my groceries on Sunday. This helps with lunch prepping and means I can feel a little more relaxed in the evenings. I tend to cook a little extra and use the leftovers for lunch or dinner later in the week if I have something on the evenings, like indoor netball or a pub quiz, this comes in handy.

9.30 PM


I try to get to bed early. Once I have packed my things for the morning, I then read or watch some Netflix. I like separating my work from home life, this helps me to maintain balance and always feel ready to work next day.