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Working Hours at Tonkin + Taylor

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Very flexible. People often take afternoons off and just work extra time later in the week. Starting time/Finishing time varies significantly based on people's situation, no questions asked, it's encouraged to find a routine that works for the individual. Overtime is mixed (sometimes there are busy periods where I feel obliged to stay, but more often I simply stay later because I enjoy my work). In general, skipping lunch, or taking a short lunch is quite common, but working late is not.
Graduate, Auckland
Quite flexible hours, you are trusted to complete your hours for the week, any extra overtime is paid for and is determined by you.
Graduate, Auckland
8.30 am to 5 pm. The work times are very flexible. You are required to fill up your 37.5 hours per week and the company is quite flexible in how you complete your hours.
Graduate, Christchurch
Quite flexible. I can work overtime, gather time in lieu of use flextime when needed.
Graduate, Auckland
The contract is 37.5h plus paid overtime. possibility to work flexible hours if required
Graduate, Auckland
Very flexible, paid overtime, you are given trust
Graduate, Auckland
T+T is very flexible with hours; I often work from home if I'm going to a site nearby in the morning instead of coming into the office first.
Graduate, Auckland
I work 7.5-hour days and they are flexible on when these are works. I can also work from home if needed for a specific reason.
Graduate, Wellington