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Tonkin + Taylor

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Training & Personal Development at Tonkin + Taylor

9 rating for Training, based on 9 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
There is a website which is used to advertise upcoming internal training, and it is encouraged to sign up to what we're interested in. There's a certain fund set aside to Professional Development so if we want to go to external events, too. Most weeks there are mini-lectures over lunch. I've personally learned a lot about geotechnical engineering as someone with no prior knowledge. I've also picked up a lot of software skills informally.
Graduate, Auckland
There isn't really a training programme and the company is very flexible in what areas in want to work on
Graduate, Christchurch
Formal training courses and on the job learning. Picked up lots of software skills (modelling software, excel, GIS, CAD), technical knowledge, project management skills, etc.
Graduate, Auckland
Internal and external trainings. So far done communication skills, presentation skills, networking skills, template training, 4x4 training
Graduate, Auckland
Training presentations, opportunities for external training courses, on the job training
Graduate, Auckland
Excellent in-house training courses, and oftentimes will hire external consultants to mentor.
Graduate, Auckland