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Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
I'm still not too sure about this. I think generally people who take initiative and do extra projects in their own time are far more mobile. My personal issue is that my skill-set is not the traditional one in my discipline, so I basically have to "prove my worth" by finding ways to improve things (as it should be, perhaps!). I don't think I could become a manager just because I don't have the technical skills. As I say though, this is rather unclear after less than a year of working.
Graduate, Auckland
Once you have settled in you start your PM training course to become a PM
Graduate, Christchurch
After 1-2 years in the job, you can start as Project Manager in Training (PMIT) and learn to manage your own projects. After a couple of years, you get promoted to a project manager.
Graduate, Auckland
Don't know that yet exactly but looks promising
Graduate, Auckland
Many opportunities to move up. Hence why many stay here for decades.
Graduate, Auckland
Company is transparent if you do good work, people will notice. Continuing development opportunities through training.
Graduate, Auckland