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Tiffany Pun

The Toll Graduate Team encourages us to visit different sites to explore ideas for continuous improvement.

Why did you choose Toll?

There are three main reasons why I choose to work at Toll.

Learning Environment. Toll is committed to educating and shaping the next generation by pairing graduates with senior leader mentors, providing structured workshops and creating networking opportunities. We are encouraged to ask questions, examine existing processes and use continuous improvement methodologies to ensure operational efficiency. 

Endless Opportunities. It’s a great time to be working at Toll right now. The organisation is undergoing a tremendous technological and structural transformation that is backed by Japan Post. With these changes occurring, the Toll Graduate Program has opened up many opportunities to see and understand different parts of the business that we wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to.

Diverse People. From my initial interactions with Toll during the recruitment process, I noticed how genuinely interested and supportive the company is. My interest in working with other curious minds was another factor in choosing Toll. I was excited by the opportunity to work alongside our Japan Post trainees and be part of a graduate cohort. If you want to start building global connections, particularly in the Asia Pacific region, Toll is the place to be!

What’s the coolest thing about your job?

Aside from moving around every three months and getting exposure to numerous sites over a two year period, we are invited to attend Graduate conferences and workshops. The Toll Graduate Team encourages us to visit different sites to explore ideas for continuous improvement. Ultimately, this helps us to gain a better understanding of the business’s core operations from end to end. For example, next week we will get the chance to visit the operations at Toll Shipping.

What are some of the challenges of your job?

As Logistics, Transport and Freight Forwarding are service-based industries, it is important to develop a good understanding of both the customer and team’s needs. As Graduates move across to different rotations every three months, learning how to build good working relationships quickly can be a challenge – no matter how experienced you are!

What's been your biggest takeaway from the Graduate program so far?

Since day one, I’ve learnt the importance of asking questions. Even a seemingly insignificant question as ‘why?’ can uncover lots of insight and help you gain a better understanding of why things have been done in a specific way. Knowing this, you can start to explore other ways of achieving the same objectives. In short, be inquisitive and stay curious!