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Sustainability at Stantec

7.3 rating for Sustainability, based on 16 reviews
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Pool cars, motion control lights etc.
Midlevel, New Zealand
Recently introduced recycling systems, push to reduce reliance of paper
Graduate, New Zealand
Minimising travel by promoting the use of Skype; having plates for people to use and then put them into dishwasher afterwards; Digitalising documents
Graduate, New Zealand
We have a recycling bin and waste bin. There are containers to take down to local food places instead of using single use plastic.
Graduate, New Zealand
We have a volunteer day once a year where we spend about 4 hours giving back to the community. We usually try to pick something environmental related. I know there is some more background work in reducing the footprint as well but nothing ground-breaking
Graduate, New Zealand
We monitor office carbon footprint and recycling; every employee was given a reusable drink bottle and coffee cup; we are encouraged to turn lights and devices off when not in use; we have compost and recycling bins, etc.
Graduate, New Zealand