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Management at Stantec

8.4 rating for Management, based on 16 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
We have a good mentoring program at Stantec
Midlevel, New Zealand
My managers are friendly and helpful and always available for a chat. I have never had any issues getting in contact with them, and we have monthly catchups to discuss progress.
Graduate, New Zealand
Very satisfied, managers make an effort to make sure you are happy and have everything you need. Performance feedback is done twice yearly which is very useful
Graduate, New Zealand
My manager is amazing, and our country transportation manager is amazing. They are both understanding, supportive, approachable and pragmatic. They know how to have fun, but they are also very knowledgeable and dependable. My direct manager is a large part of my satisfaction within the company.
Graduate, New Zealand
Two direct lines of management in my office are great people, always looking out for their staff. Performance reviews and feedback predominantly come yearly and when asked for.
Graduate, New Zealand
It really depends on your manager. I've had two managers while working there - one almost drove me to quit (two other grads did quit) because of his super low interest in anything I did and inability to know how to talk to people let alone praise them, but my current manager is awesome and supportive and is a very good mentor who praises me and gives constructive feedback and works with me to better myself.
Graduate, New Zealand
My manager is great. He is good at giving feedback, isn't bothered by questions and cares. He has made formal meetings every fortnight to check in on how I am going.
Graduate, New Zealand
Satisfied with my managers. They are mostly accessible. People are very busy so we don't schedule formal mentoring time - this could be an improvement. Otherwise receiving feedback etc. is good.
Graduate, New Zealand