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Stantec New Zealand

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Nicola Whelan-Henderson

Do check your public social media. Our boss FB stalks everyone before hiring them.

What's your name and job title? What did you study? 

Nicola, Graduate Civil Engineer, Civil Engineering at University of Canterbury 

How did you get to your current Job position and for how long have you occupied it?

I have been working in the Geotech team at Stantec in Christchurch for nearly 2 years. I am shifting to the civil water team in a few weeks. Rotations between teams are optional but supported. I applied part way through my final year at UC. When applying, I was looking to work for a large design consultancy who worked on a range of projects across NZ and international.

How can students best prepare for interviews? 

Do check your public social media. Our boss FB stalks everyone before hiring them. Make sure you've done your research about the company you are applying for and those interviewing you. Review your CV/documentation that you have submitted to them, as well as the job description. Take note of key projects that the company has worked on and what aspects you might be interested in working on. 

How can students set themselves apart from their peers? 

Highlight all your community involvement in your CV. Talk about your past experiences and what you can bring to the table. Answer questions genuinely and tie questions back to past experiences and things you know. 

What are the do's and dont's in an interview? 

Have typical etiquette. Don't be late. Dress appropriately (smart casual), act confident and politely, value your interviewer(s) time. Don't come unprepared. Ask questions that show you are interested in and have your research done. Relate answers back to your past experiences. Show examples. Ensure you are answering the questions they are asking. It seems simple, but it can be easy to get sidetracked. Always tie back to the original topic. 

What is your number one tip for students when interviewing? 

Ensure you show positivity. Focus on experiences, where you learned something.