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Working Hours at Sparke Helmore Lawyers

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Sparke emphasises its employees to have a good work/life balance and it practices what it preaches in this regard.
Graduate, Sydney
This question is difficult to answer in the current COVID climate, but before then I was very satisfied. The standard hours are less than I expected. There are obviously times when you need to stay late to get the work done, but these days are very clearly the exception.
Graduate, Sydney
The hours do fluctuate depending on the area you work in and the matters you are working on. Generally, the hours are very reasonable, and if you do have a few light nights, they are always warranted and rarely over a pro-longed period. In my experience, this firm does not expect you to be sitting at your desk till late unless there is a legitimate reason to do so.
Graduate, Sydney