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Schneider Electric Australia

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Working Hours at Schneider Electric Australia

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Company is very flexible. I tend to work more than my contracted hours each week, but that is my choice. It also means that when I have other appointments (volunteering events) I am able to leave the office during business hours.
Graduate, Graduate
as long as you're in the office between 10am-4pm you can come in and leave whenever as long as you do your 8 hours
Graduate, Sydney
Some start at 730 and end at 4, some start at 930 and end at 530-6. They are flexible as long as you do the core hours and get your work done.
Graduate, Sydney
9-5 but flexible if I need to leave for any reason can make it up or work from home
Graduate, Sydney
Very flexible, and always only 38. good culture in this respect
Entry level, Sydney
Very flexible. There are core hours from 10-4 where you are supposed to be in, but you can work around it. My boss is particularly good, and allows us to work from home.
Graduate, Sydney
My team allows me to be outcome-based. This means that we don't watch the clock. We succeed by getting the things we want to achieve done. Schneider is supportive of your life outside of the time at work.
Midlevel, Sydney
Depends heavily on the department. Mine are somewhat flexible, others are more so, still others less so.
Entry level