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Office & Workplace at RSM

8.4 rating for Workplace, based on 29 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
Office space (Perth) is amazing. Has all modern facilities. Dress code is business however Fridays are more business casual.
Graduate, Perth
Inconsistent dress code. Formal but not complete, staff often don't wear belts/rolled sleeves/poor fitting clothes
Graduate, Perth
New office space, professional clothing, and casual on Fridays
Graduate, Perth
Office is located in Collins street which is very convenient. We can ask office equipment we need from IT(like air card, second screen)
Graduate, Melbourne
office is filling up, the dress code is dress pants and button up shirt
Intern, Wagga Wagga
Office is nothing fancy, which doesn't really bother me. The 'dress for your day' initiative is excellent though, and a lot of people enjoy it
Graduate, Melbourne
Free coffee in the kitchen. Beautiful open offices, with plants to give a hint of life.
Graduate, Melbourne
Great office space with all the equipment required to carry out daily tasks. Business attire is the appropriate dress code.
Graduate, Sydney
The office has a number of standard facilities you would expect of any office. The dress code is "dress-for-your-day" which means you can wear casual if you do not have any meetings or any functions that require formal wear.
Graduate, Sydney
Only issue with the office space is that when everyone is in the office, there are practically not enough desks and screens for people to be able to do their jobs. The dress for your day approach is amazing.
Graduate, Melbourne
Wonderful prime location in the Exchange Tower, modern comfortable office with the latest technology. Dress code is business formal, suits but no ties, but jacket comes off when in the office usually
Graduate, Perth
Our location is good, however we have very poor facilities e.g.. no where to eat lunch other than our desks. The building is also very old so the heating and air conditioning is ineffective. The dress code is semi formal.
Graduate, GOULBURN
The office has all the amenities you need and is located in a convenient position in the CBD. The 'dress for your day' initiative has been well received by employees, and creates a more relaxed feel in the office.
Intern, Melbourne
Perth office is amazing! Clean, new and with great views!
Intern, PERTH
The office is in a great location, close to the centre of town and has plenty of room for all employees. The dress code is business which the last Friday of the month being casual Friday
Graduate, Ballarat