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Working Hours at RSM

7.9 rating for Working Hours, based on 29 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
As long as we get our work done, when and where we work is no issue to them
Midlevel, Perth
Flexible working arrangements that allows for working from home.
RSM is flexible with hours but there are times when overtime is required and simply cant be avoided.
Graduate, Perth
Hardly flexible at all
Graduate, Perth
My firm is relatively flexible, so long as I clear it beforehand I can start or leave earlier or later and choose to take a shorter lunch if I wish to leave earlier. I am not expected to work over my 8:30am-5:00pm regular hours, although I often stay back 10-15min and finish whatever I am working on.
Graduate, Perth
Pressure to work extended hours.
Graduate, Sydney
Very flexible, regular hour worked but willing to put in the extra hours where necessary
Graduate, Perth
8:30- 5:00 but there is flexibility there if needed which I haven't required as of yet
Work is fairly flexible - Because we do time sheets however, it can sometimes not feel flexible.
Graduate, Sydney
Allow me to use study leave when I feel necessary
Intern, Wagga Wagga
My team usually leaves on time most days. The work life balance is very good here
Graduate, Melbourne
Off peak season in audit is very quiet and you will leave basically at 5 on the dot. In busy season, you may work more like 10 hours a day and occasionally weekends because that's what the job requires, and it will be even more hours at other companies.
Graduate, Melbourne
Not that flexible but there isn't a judgmental culture within the team where you need to stay back if you don't need to
Intern, Sydney
Scheduled to work 8:30-5:00 daily with 60min break. Rarely stick to these hours, and often do more. Partner is sometimes flexible around work, but usually hours are quite strict and are expected to stay back to complete work.
Graduate, Wagga Wagga
A standard work day starts at 8:30 and finishes at 5. Rare to stay back late.
Graduate, Sydney
At the start as a graduate, your hours are 8:30-5. They pretty much stay the same, but I have seen that the further up you go the more flexible the hours can be.
Graduate, Melbourne
It's all about chargeable hours, you need to be hitting targets which sit around 7.5 per day. You are expected to be there 8:30-5 at a minimum
Graduate, Perth
8:30-5. One hour lunch break which I leave the office for. No expectation to stay late.
Graduate, ADELAIDE
I am able to work part time while I'm still completing my uni degree which is really helpful. Additionally, I have been given the opportunity to work full time over uni breaks, which has proven to be good for my development.
Intern, Melbourne
The work hours are 8:30-5:00 but I usually do 8:00-4:00 with a half an hour lunch break. The company is happy to accommodate me with these hours but the same might not be said during busy season
Graduate, Ballarat