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Training & Personal Development at RSM

8.2 rating for Training, based on 30 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Excel training Technical training Refresher courses
Midlevel, Perth
Training programmes are very engaging and exciting. Trainers are always enthusiastic about what they are teaching. Soft skills are probably the most important skills I have learned in these trainings.
Enjoyed the grad week training, - learnt more about the audit profession. A good skill I've picked up is the importance of professional judgement and scepticism. If you think something is wrong - investigate.
Graduate, Perth
Never even got an induction
Graduate, Sydney
Self development training and on the job training (learning as you go)
Graduate, Perth
Grad week is a time to learn a lot of skills as well as a buddy program where you learn from another peer
Regular training sessions during lunch time
Graduate, Sydney
Grad week was excellent, there was a lot of bonding. Although there hasn't been a whole lot of formal training at the office
Graduate, Melbourne
RSM does a grad week, where they take all grads nationally to the same spot and do soft skills and theory seminars all day for 4 days. Then they put on heaps of social stuff at night like boat cruises. They also have a national training event, that was cancelled this year due to COVID-19.
Graduate, Melbourne
We are exposed to a large variety of work right from the start. There is a Grad Week program to give us some training on technical and soft skills and we are assigned a buddy to guide us through the start of our careers.
Graduate, Sydney
I feel the training we receive on the job is extremely helpful and the training during grad week was also great. However I do wish that there was more training in OWL or a database of training information on how to write testing papers/meeting notes/reporting/AA work programs which we could use while on Grad Capacity.
Graduate, Melbourne
OWL learning is the formal training, everyone is the office is keen to lend a hand for informal. We have all just booked a 20-30 hour training program worth $199 to upskill a certain area
Graduate, Perth
Gradweek was a good introduction to the firm and it's practices for those who are yet to start work. As for my division specific work, a lot of it is just adapting to the task at hand, so you kind of learn as you go and obtain assistance from colleagues in the process.
Intern, Melbourne
There has already been so much external training and my colleagues are a wealth of knowledge that never hesitate to give me training when asked.
Intern, PERTH
The formal training provided by the company is great and they spare no expense when it comes to training.
Graduate, Ballarat