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Sustainability at RSM

7.3 rating for Sustainability, based on 29 reviews
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Haven't really seen much about reducing the businesses impact on the environment.
Graduate, Perth
Paperless work
Graduate, Perth
Haven't really thought about this, but I don't see any excessive wastage in any way
Graduate, Melbourne
The company is moving towards being carbon neutral by the end of the year.
Graduate, Sydney
As stated earlier, RSM does everything they can think of to reduce their environmental impact. However they are always looking for further ways to improve and this is admirable.
Graduate, Melbourne
I think our environment footprint is limited seeing as we're a professional services company
Graduate, Perth
Using features like docu-sign, a digital signing platform, really helps eliminate paper usage in the office. I've also notice motion sensor lights in the bathroom which help to decrease energy usage.
Intern, Melbourne
Recycling bins
Graduate, Ballarat