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Management at RSM

8.7 rating for Management, based on 30 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Yes managers do their best given the industry auditors are in and work load.
Midlevel, Perth
Very open and always encourage discussions and opinions.
Easy to communicate with and very descriptive when it comes to explaining things.
Graduate, Perth
Managers are great. Partners are very demanding and inflexible. Partners have very different styles and they will only convey what they want.
Graduate, Sydney
Open plan office makes working with managers easy in terms of communication and feedback
Graduate, Perth
They all have an open door and you can talk to them any time about anything
Very satisfied. My mentor manager cares about me and communication with manager is frequent. I can ask her any queries I have.
Graduate, Melbourne
There is regular performance appraisal to ensure no-one falls through the cracks.
Graduate, Sydney
You can speak to anyone you want to speak to. That being said there is a buddy and mentor system where you get paired with a grad who has been there for over 6 months as your buddy as well as a mentor manager who you can contact at anytime and speak with about anything.
Graduate, Melbourne
Very accessible, really good people who are always happy to run through something, very patient with younger grads
Graduate, Perth
My managers and mentor are really good in checking up on me and providing regular feedback. It really helps me to progress in my job and career in that I can identify weaknesses to improve on.
Intern, Melbourne
Managers are always accessible and we have set performance reviews to ensure feedback can be given and received.
Intern, PERTH
Very accessible. So far my manager has been great and aims to provide as much feedback as possible which is really good. I think my manager makes a very good mentor.
Graduate, Ballarat