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Culture at RSM

9 rating for Culture, based on 30 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Partners are approachable Peers are respectful, fun, kind. We get along outside of work Team work is present. No overly large disputes
Midlevel, Perth
Management encourages open and inclusive culture. There are various social activities such as weekly staff drinks and monthly social club activities. Top management is very open to discussions and opinion.
IN - Relaxed, focused, social. AFTER - Friendly, social. Doesn't feel like there's a hierarchy, but generally it may be segregated into the graduate groups.
Graduate, Perth
Culture can be misogynistic
Graduate, Perth
Everyone is valued and even as a grad people listen to your ideas and feedback. Great social culture with Friday night drinks and amazing social club events (e.g. Rottnest trip, cooking class, comedy performance). My division is really friendly with everyone being inclusive and encouraging new staff to join in on social activities outside of work. Within work hour people are helpful and happy to answer questions or teach me things I don't know, never making me feel like I am bothering them.
Graduate, Perth
Social organisation (in a professional manner) and open teams (working with every member of the team)
Graduate, Perth
The team is a great group of diverse individuals with different strengths who can help each other out and work collaboratively as a team. Outside of work social events are a great time to forget about that tax return and play some mini golf or go bowling and get to know one another.
There are many social events in our firm and our firm encourages us to social with colleagues.
Graduate, Melbourne
Very Sociable
Graduate, Sydney
Everyone is easy to get along with, and I enjoy the social side of work with these people
Graduate, Melbourne
RSM Melbourne is quite vertical, lots of room to climb, but the higher ups engage very well with the lower ranks. The partners communicate well with everyone and you can go to managers with most questions. Other people of the same level are going through the same thing and they all just want bond. They are the sort of people you can get things done with and would also go for a beer with.
Graduate, Melbourne
Although there is a clear hierarchy i.e. partner, senior manager, manager etc. etc., everyone is still friendly with each other, both within their respective divisions and with other divisions.
Intern, Sydney
Office culture is quite split between divisions, but is improving. Cooperation and teamwork good in my division, but clearer communication would be appreciated. More socialising between colleagues would improve culture.
Graduate, Wagga Wagga
My company has a great work culture, both in the office and out of the office. Everyone within the firm treats each other as equals and takes the time to get to know and support one another.
Graduate, Sydney
Within my team, there are regular social functions to ensure the team is collaborative within and outside of work. The hierarchy ranges from Partners to Managers to Assistant Managers to Consultants.
Graduate, Sydney
Great Culture, everyone is outgoing and fun!
Midlevel, Melbourne
On my first day as a graduate, my desk was right outside the Partner's office. While there is a structure and a hierarchy, it is very flexible. The Partners are there with everyone else, they're not on a separate floor and they are always out and about chatting to everyone. There are a lot of outside of hours office catch ups (Friday night drinks, end of month drinks and the social club).
Graduate, Melbourne
Fantastic place for graduates to be, every grad is flown to a major city each year for Grad Week where we have the chance to socialise with people from around the country. There are also social events and young leaders events where we are able to feel included in the national framework. I've got plenty of access to partners, principals and managers and there's clear communication on expectations.
Graduate, Perth
Very relaxed, doesn't seem like there is any political issues throughout the workplace. People treat people like they are meant to be treated.
Graduate, ADELAIDE
Gradweek was a really good place to get to know people from the firm, not just in other divisions in your office, but all over Australia, and I still keep in touch with many of them. The culture is really incredible, and I really enjoy the social perks that come with working in a large office.
Intern, Melbourne