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Career Prospects at RSM

8.4 rating for Career Prospects, based on 30 reviews
Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
The firm has a promotion pathway to move you all the way up to partner. I'm only a graduate so I don't think I can say much about what it takes, but I can imagine its hard work and a passion for what you do.
Graduate, Perth
Hard work = move up the ranks. It's easy as long as the work is put in
Graduate, Perth
CA is offered and this is a great progression at the firm
Many growth opportunities
Intern, Wagga Wagga
It'll take time, but I'm prepared to use that time to learn as much as I can
Graduate, Melbourne
They give you a roadmap and tell you what competencies are expected in order to be promoted. They then help you along with these in goal setting sessions and appraisals.
Graduate, Melbourne
Promotions within Risk Consulting are merit-based.
Graduate, Sydney
At this point in time, I haven't looked too much into promotions and such but I do know that there are multiple paid, external training for certifications you can do to up your chance of being promoted. As well as focusing on improving your performance.
Graduate, Melbourne
Clear path of progression, opportunities for those who work hard
Graduate, Perth
You have promotion opportunities depending on years worked at the firm, which is super helpful. Also there are a lot of networking opportunities available that can be useful later on in your career.
Intern, Melbourne
I can see a clear path to moving from undergraduate all the way to principal in time.
Intern, PERTH
From my understanding there is a clear progression path from graduate to audit assistant or audit associate to then become an audit senior and beyond that possibly a manager or even a partner. It takes a very strong work ethic and an ability to be able to constantly develop and learn
Graduate, Ballarat