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Sabin Shrestha

6.00 AM

Hit the snooze on my phone and find some motivation to workout. I usually go to the gym or got for a run for about 45mins. But this morning, I decide to have a nice jog around the park to get ready and focused for the day.

8.20 AM

Arriving at the office, I quickly try and find a free desk overlooking Elizabeth Quay. This would definitely be one the best seats a grad could have!

RSM Graduate Sabin Shrestha workstation

8.30 AM

After organising my laptop and socialising with my colleagues, I open my email to check any updates or requests from the team or any responses from the client which I had been working on the past few days.

9.00 AM

After about half an hour of checking and responding to emails and doing some admin work, I decide to head to our little kitchen along with my grad mate to make a long macchiato from our coffee machine and grab a fruit to energise me to help me go through my day.

9.30 AM

I usually follow up on my manager’s requested work and discuss my workflow for the week. I continue with work after receiving some guidance from my manager and any requested items received from the client. After finishing some of my work, my manager soon informs me that I will have to perform my first stock take today for our client in the afternoon.

RSM Graduate Sabin Shrestha pantry

Working at RSM, I felt that I was in the right place with the right people. From day one, everyone in the office were very friendly and polite and additionally, having my fellow grad colleagues and a buddy system significantly reduced the anxious feeling and made me more confident. Having recently graduated from university, the transition into RSM could have not been any smoother!

12.00 PM

After some productive hours of doing work, I go and join some of my colleagues to the staff hub to have a well-deserved lunch!

1.00 PM

Back to my desk and find a new challenge to fight against the food coma, with no doubt I dash to the kitchen area and make myself a strong coffee to continue my productive day. After having my cup of coffee, my manager and I hop into his car and we head out to the client to begin our checks for a physical inventory and equipment check.

RSM Graduate Sabin Shrestha working

1.30 PM

Finally arrived at our client, we head in and discuss our stocktake procedure and start to perform a stock take inside their warehouse. For this client we checked their machinery and parts stock. One of the best things about my job is that I get to meet new people all the time and my work environment is always diverse, one day I’ll be in a warehouse, the next day in an office or even in regional locations, such as Margaret River. 

RSM Graduate Sabin Shrestha warehouse

4.00 PM

After finishing the stock take which turned out to be perfect, creating no problems at all, we head back into the office and finish a little bit of work before we go home.

5.00 PM

Finally, the time I have been waiting for! Time to head home and prepare for my soccer training, only to realise half way through my journey forgetting to do my time sheets. Oh well, I guess I will just have to log back on later tonight.