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Application Process & Interviews at Reece Group

9.1 rating for Recruitment, based on 10 reviews
Please describe the interview process and assessments.
The hiring process was indeed tough but the recruitment team made it easy throughout the journey. Different stages of interviews and assessments were included in the hiring process to better and effectively select the desired candidates and frequent updates were given throughout the hiring process.
They are very thorough and very structured and being able to collaborate with the other grads really helps knowing their perspectives.
Interviews for me were not overly stressful. Great process to see my abilities and personality.
I was hired during a difficult time throughout the covid pandemic/ in the middle of 2020 Melbourne lockdown so the interview process looked a little different to how it usually is with all interviews and assessments taken place online. This first involved an assessment asking questions, then a small interview answering pre-prepared questions, and then two virtual interviews with different members of the learning and marketing team.
The interview process was smooth, the assessments were light
So quick thorough and comprehensive. It had great direction and was run smoothly.
The interview process was the best of any employer I have ever encountered. The process was very well structured but not stressful which was great as you are nervous enough prior to any job interview. Due to this I felt I was able to completely be myself in the interview and give honest answers as I felt comfortable.
Initial questionnaire/CV entry. Followed by online written and oral assessment. A phone interview followed with confirming the next stage, with resources to review before the final face to face interview.
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
- How are you able to cope in stressful situations - What do you know about Reece, the values and culture? - Interests and work experience which allowed placement into SBUs based on experience, progression and 'fit'
Behavioral and scenario based questions were the most common interview questions as it allowed the hiring managers to get to know how I would react to certain situations and what my decisions would entail.
Why i want to work at Reece? What's Reece value resonates best with myself?
Discipline related questions, previous experience and skills questions as well as aspirational questions.
I was asked what part of the Reece values i related to the most and why. I was asked about the graduate program template and had a discussion about why i wanted to apply to the role. I was asked what i want in a career and what kind of development i was looking for.
About what attracted me to company and also my study
What Reece values do you relate most to? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What values do you think will make you suitable for a branch?
They asked questions such as "what is your favorite brand" and "what's something that motivates you." They also asked questions significant to my marketing background such as "what is one of your favorite marketing campaigns and why."
What leaders I idolise or inspire me? What values stick out most to you? Why did you choose us?
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Be ready to jump in a new industry and outside of your comfort zone, but you will learn a lot from the experienced people along the way. My advice would be to be yourself during the interview process and prepare for behavioral questions based on your past experiences.
Just be yourself. Best way to approach interviews is to be comfortable and that is evident to the interviewer if you are trying to cater to them.
Understand the company's values and what is required in the grad program.
My advice would be to ask what day to day working life will be like and compare that with their expectation of the role. Research the business to find out where your interests lay, as well as where you would like to progress in it and continue to outline this during and after the interviews.
Know the values. Know what the company is and be ready for some formal banter.
I would advise them to visit the Reece website to learn a bit more about the company, that is the best way to know if its going to be a good fit. Also just be yourself in the interview's and try not to be too nervous. The interviewers do a great job of making you feel comfortable.
Read the company's values and mission. Relate to them and pick couple that stand most to you. Learn and understand the basic of all their operations.