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Career Prospects at Reece Group

9.1 rating for Career Prospects, based on 10 reviews
Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
Due to the size of the organisation as well as the amount of departments there are countless opportunities for progression. Progression is provided to those who work hard, and it is definitely and environment that encourages staff to move up, down or sideways between all SBUs
The Program is well structured with the end outcome being clear for all grads. Opportunities are available for everyone based on their interests.
I like the excitement in the nz market as it is growing very fast, and with growth comes opportunities.
I believe that these opportunities will be extensive once I reach head office.
As a graduate there is the possibilities to go to 2IC then to branch management and further depending on what you want to achieve and how determined and motivated you are. It takes a good working attitude to move up the ranks in Reece.
I know that people at Reece will always support and help me grow throughout Reece- at the moment, starting from 'the bottom', I know there are endless ways to work my way up. This involves completing my 12 months in branch time before moving into the RSC and then working from there.
There is a lot of scope to move within the company
After my grad program, I could see myself as an assistant manager or elsewhere at reecd
I believe it takes hard work and a great attitude. There are many stories of people moving up the ranks In Reece and it always comes back to a great work ethic and an attitude to match.