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Reece Group

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Zaeem Siddiq

Zaeem studied Master of Information Technology at Monash University Australia and is now working as Mobile Applications Developer (Previous reecetech Graduate) at Reece Group.

6:30 AM

Good morning! After waking up I prepare my breakfast and get ready for the day.

7:30 AM

I leave my house and travel to the Reece Support Centre.

Day in the Life Zaeem Reece Group

8:00 AM

Day in the Life Zaeem Reece Group

After reaching the office, I always have a wonderful welcome from reception.

Every morning, before I open the lid of my laptop, I fuel up my body with some caffeine.

Then I start my work!

9:00 AM

Time for our quick 10-minute stand-up meeting where the whole team, along with the Digital Marketing team, shares their progress. (Kai says hello as he had joined in from home). Today we discussed about a new project.

Day in the Life Zaeem Reece Group

12:00 PM

Lunchtime! I walk over to the local café for a delicious bagel.

2:00 PM

After lunch, it’s time for my second coffee of the day where I see my manager and have some casual discussions with him.

Day in the Life Zaeem Reece Group

3:00 PM

I visit our NDC (National Distribution Centre) today with my team to gather requirements for the new project I was working on earlier today.

Day in the Life Zaeem Reece Group

4:00 PM

Day in the Life Zaeem Reece Group

After our trip to the NDC, Lily and I work on a feature in the new mobile app which we discussed in today’s stand-up meeting. Usually one of us does the programming while the other keeps an eye for mistakes. This is called pair-programming.

5:00 PM

That’s all for today! Time to pack up and head to the gym then prepare some egg fried rice with chicken Manchurian!