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Barry Anderson

Barry studied Double Major in Business strategy and Marketing Communications at Monash University and is now working as Account Specialist (Previous Operations Graduate) at Reece Group.

6:30 AM

I wake up at 6:30am, and start getting ready for the day. Depending on if I am seeing customers and who the customers are, will dictate what uniform I will wear. I check my calendar to prepare for the day ahead. Today I have 2 customer meetings. My colleague (Jarryd) and I are hosting a site BBQ for a customer at 8am and then I am meeting another customer who is a very funny casual character. For both meetings a Reece Trade Polo shirt would be ideal (If my meeting was in a more formal setting or head office, I would wear an ironed button up Reece shirt).

8:00 AM

Jarryd and I have arrived at a customer site in Keysborough by 8am to prepare a BBQ for their tradespeople and site managers. After the BBQ, we gave a small speech to the people who attended, thanking the customer for a great year as business partners. This is an important part of being an Account Specialist, doing things for our customers they may not be expecting but highly value. After the clean-up, it’s around 10am so we head back to the office to catch up on some office work. 

Day in the Life Barry Reece Group

10:30 AM

Its 10:30am and time to catch up on some office work. At Reece we flexi-desk so I find the seat which will best suit my purpose for the day. Today I am preparing a quote for and product presentation for a customer so a seat near the other Account Specialists would be best suited in case I have questions. Once I have finished the quote and product selection, I sit down and have lunch with colleagues. After lunch I collect my things and head off to meet the customer I prepared the quote for. I have built a great relationship with this customer and understand his business enough to know how Reece can add value.

Day in the Life Barry Reece Group

2:00 PM

Today has been a big day, I get back to the office around 2pm and need a coffee. While all the information is still fresh in my head from the meetings today, I record all customer related information in ‘Salesforce’. Being out of the office for most of the day means that I have not had much time to catch up on emails, so this time must be productive.

Day in the Life Barry Reece Group

4:00 PM

At 4:00pm I am hosting a team huddle to discuss how we can reduce waste within our business. We define waste as anything that our customers and people do not value. The meeting was a success with everyone’s ideas going up the ‘War on Waste’ board which we will continue to expand on in the coming weeks.

Day in the Life Barry Reece Group

5:00 PM

Before I know it, it’s 5:00pm. I get into my gym gear at work and head off. During work I get a mental exercise then after work I get physical exercise. For me, this is the perfect recipe for a balanced lifestyle, allowing me to tackle every day with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.