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Stacey Moana

Kia Ora everyone! My name is Stacey. I started with Re-Leased in November 2020 as an Intern Software Developer through the internship program with EIT while in my final year of completing my Bachelor in Computing Systems. I then secured a full-time Junior Software Developer position in February 2021. Working here these last 6-7 months has been an awesome experience. I am continually learning every day and gaining a wide array of industry skills and knowledge. No two days are the same which keeps you on your toes but allows you to collaborate with other team members and experience the different technologies we adopt here at Re-Leased.

8.30 AM

After a 20ish minute drive from Hastings, soaking up the views of the Bay before starting my day, I arrive at the office. I get my laptop started up and check any Slack messages or emails that need attention. Once that's all sorted, I refresh myself on any of the tasks that I was The i Then I review tasks from the previous day and smash out some work or check up on any code reviews that need reviewing before our stand up meeting.

9.30 AM 

Stand up time with my squad, RISCy. We each go over the tasks we did the previous day, what we are tackling that day and if there are any challenges we are facing. This is a great time to get any advice or feedback from your squad on the task you are working on or provide suggestions to your fellow members.

10.30 AM

Time for a quick break! I either like to grab a coffee or water, grab a snack and relax for a little. After that, I have some time before lunch to work on the tasks I have picked up. If I am ever stuck on anything and can’t quite find a solution myself, the other squad members are more than happy to help, which has been really beneficial for me.

12.30 PM

There’s always a few options to choose from when socialising during lunch - you can join in on a card game (or two, or three...) of the card game Hearts, group chats or taking a walk around Ahuriri, amongst other things.

1.30 PM 

I write up any unit tests that are required and try to get my task into a pull request to get it reviewed before the end of the day. I also check on any other pull requests waiting to be reviewed that I can look over.

2.00 PM 

Every second week we have a demo to some of the ELT’s in the office. This is the time to showcase what the squad has produced and we gain some feedback and insight from them which we can take on board and apply any suggestions, if needed, in our next sprint. After the demo, the squad participates in a Retrospective where we discuss the highs and lows of the sprint and go over any actions we can take through to the next sprint.

3.00 PM

Another quick break before finishing up any work needed before 4pm drinks on Fridays!

4.00 PM

Every Friday, at 4pm, the office stops all work and gathers together for some social drinks. This time provides the opportunity to socialise with others in the office and wind down together after a working week. I normally go home after this around 5 but some Friday’s can go on into the night!

Why I love working at Re-Leased

After nearly completing my degree from EIT, working here at Re-Leased has fortunately allowed me to put everything I have learnt into real world practices while experiencing the different processes and functionalities of software development. Doing this while in an easy going and friendly environment, with great colleagues, makes it even more worthwhile.