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Guangya Zhu

Hi everyone! My name is Guangya. I started with Re-Leased in May 2021 as a Graduate Software Developer. I attend the University of Auckland and graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering(Honours). Not long after my graduation, I was able to secure the position at Re-Leased. I have been working here for one and a half months, and I had an awesome experience. Below is a day in the life of me:

8.30 AM

This is usually when I get out of my house in the morning and drive for 5 mins to the office. I get myself a cup of coffee and start to check on any slack messages or emails that require my attention. Then I pick up on things I left over from the previous day and wait for the stand up meeting.

Office desk

9.30 AM

This is when the stand up meeting happens within my team. This is the time where I fill in the work I have been doing and what challenges I am facing so that others can help me with them (As you can imagine how many challenges there might be to make something work as a new graduate).

10.30 AM

Just stay working and play with my Gundams every now and then.


12.30 PM

Lunch time, sometimes I will bring my own lunch and sometimes I just couldn’t be bothered to make my own lunch so I will order from the cafe in the building. Take a walk around ahuriri with colleagues during lunch.

1.30 PM

Back from lunch break, continue on what I left behind.


3.30 PM

Time for a little break with some snacks! Sometimes my colleagues will bring their pets to work so I can play with them for a little bit.


5.00 PM

Either go to the gym to work out a little bit or go straight home to cook dinner.