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Working Hours at RB Australia

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
The company is becoming increasingly flexible with the work hours. If I could get all my work done being here 9-4, they would be fine with that, but the nature of the business means there's a lot to get done, and this takes time.
Graduate, Sydney
Company has just introduced Flex-Hours. However, we typically work quite long hours.
Graduate, Sydney
Flexible; however you stay as long as you need to get the job done
Graduate, Sydney
At RB you are in control and that includes managing your time
Midlevel, Sydney
I typically work 50+ hours a week, sometimes even more than this. There is flexibility in terms of hours, however, they reward you on your success and they demand high standards so if you are ambitious you will push yourself as much as you can
Midlevel, Sydney
I work more than most, but it is by choice. I like the longer hours at this stage in my career. RB is not a place you should come if you are looking for work life balance, but in saying that, they are flexible with the hours you can work. Only the hours you will need to work to deliver the results you are required to deliver will be long.
Entry level, Sydney