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Job Satisfaction at RB Australia

9.1 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 11 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
P&L ownership Budget Marketing analysis Project management
Graduate, Graduate
I feel that I have significantly more responsibility and independence than I would as a graduate in a similar role in the industry.
Graduate, Sydney
As an Assistant Brand Manager at RB, you get a lot of exposure to the wider-business as you are the project manager for NPDs, EPDs, sourcing changes, artwork changes . You manage the brand's marketing spend/budget each month and also analyse how NPDs/TVCs/marketing strategies are performing. You also get to work on creative marketing campaigns i.e. TVCs, print media, social media.
Graduate, Sydney
Managing a multi-million dollar budget; making real decisions impacting actual sales
Graduate, Sydney
I feel that I have real responsibility for my brand and have a supportive team who are always there to help.
Graduate, Sydney
Managing smaller accounts, supporting the team with analytical skills
Graduate, Sydney
Varies and primarily at my discretion. My business is driven by me and the decisions I make on how I want to grow and excel.
Entry level, Sydney