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Working Hours at Prosple

8.5 rating for Working Hours, based on 14 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Flexibility with work hours definitely defines Prosple. You won't meet anyone who tells you when and where you need to work. As long as you get the job done, the Prosple culture allows you to decide what works best for you.
Midlevel, Melbourne
There's a rule that you need to be online/available 5 hours each day during the AEST working hours but it's not really a hard rule. We can change our daily schedule depending on circumstances.
Experienced, Calauan, Laguna (Philippines)
A minimum work day for me is typically 10 hours. My role is quite flexible with the hours I work. I'm not 100% sales focused anymore, so do not need to operate in the 9-5pm slot my customers/propects do, but often find myself operating both earlier and later in the day than this.
Executive, Melbourne
Very flexible.
Experienced, Antipolo
I have 100% flexibility to choose my hours. I work long hours, but that's my choice.
Experienced, Remote
Flexibility is our thing. Just ensure you communicate the hours you are planning to work and that's it. Of course try to align as much as possible with your team but if you can't they totally understand and don't complain about it.
Experienced, Campinas, SP, Brazil
As flexible as can be, we have a culture of freedom and responsibility and so delivery and outcomes surpass the work hours themselves. This means sometimes you work more hours and others less.
Executive, Byron Bay
I work a lot of hours per week, but I thoroughly enjoy what I do day to day so the long hours are by choice
Experienced, Auckland
Since it's a work from home environment, you choose the time when you wanted to work so you can balance it out with other personal things. You are given tasks to complete.
Graduate, Quezon City
Prosple is very flexible with when I work, but it does require long hours. That said, if I've been putting in big days, then I can just take a day off to recover if I need it.
Experienced, Oslo
Very flexible. Prosple is an international, 100% remote company that cares more about results than seeing butts in seats at any given time. If you're killing it at work, that's all that matters.
Graduate, Adelaide
Working at 8hrs a day and very flexible.
Experienced, Manila Philippines
Very. It's less about time spent and more around activity targets. If you can do more in less time then all power to you.
Executive, Sydney