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Sustainability at Prosple

7.7 rating for Sustainability, based on 13 reviews
Please comment on your company's efforts in this area.
Not aware of this part.
Experienced, Calauan, Laguna (Philippines)
Remote working by itself has environmental benefits. But I guess we can still actively come up with initiatives.
Experienced, Antipolo
Being remote and not requiring the daily commute to an office is probably the single biggest change for reducing CO2 emissions.
Experienced, Remote
When Prosple used to publish books, they would always make sure the paper and suppliers met the highest environmental standards. Now that we're completely remote and digital only, we don't travel often, do our environmental footprint is very low.
Experienced, Oslo
We don't have a footprint beyond running our computers! No office means no commute to work.
Graduate, Adelaide
Over the last year everything has been digitised so we're pretty much 0 impact on the environment (bar coffee consumption).
Executive, Sydney