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Project Everest Ventures

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Working Hours at Project Everest Ventures

8.8 rating for Working Hours, based on 6 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
During my internship experience with Project Everest, you have a set period of working days of which the working hours are set. There is some flexibility in terms of how your team decides to take on the day, however most days are structured to ensure breakfast and dinner are catered for and we are making the most of the working days we have in country.
Graduate, Sydney
It is long hours - although it is rewarding and needed.
Intern, Wollongong
The work hours align with what you would expect from a traditional corporate internship. The major is the travel that is required to conduct surveys with local villages which can make the feel longer that it is.
It's a lot of work packed into a normal work day but was never felt too much or like I was unable to achieve it.
Intern, Melbourne