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Kevin Chang

7:30 AM

Before Work

I normally wake up around 7:30 am. Thanks to Powerco’s flexible working hours policy. I can choose to go to the office later then some of the colleagues. However, it is different on Friday. I usually go to a Toastmasters meeting on Friday morning to practice and improve my speaking skills. The meeting is from 7:00 am to 8:15 am, so I need to wake up at 6:00 am on Friday.

8:30 AM

Arrive at the office

I take out my work laptop from my bag and turn it on. I usually try to stay off caffeine, but occasionally, I would like to grab some coffee or tea from the kitchen, especially on a Friday morning after an early Toastmasters meeting. Then, I continue working on PV injection comparison between DeepGrid and the Register of Distributed Generators Excel file. DeepGrid is a data collecting platform of hundreds of monitors installed in some of the Powerco’s transformers. The purpose of this comparison is to investigate the reliability of the PV injection data collected.

10:00 AM

It’s time for a break. I often go for a quick walk outside with one or more colleagues for some fresh air. After the walk, I started finishing up with the PV injection comparison and then email the result found to a Principal Network Specialist.

12:00 PM


I go to microwave my lunch, and then eat with colleagues in the kitchen. I often go for another short walk before I finish my lunch break. Then, I started working on current imbalance investigation by using DeepGrid. The purpose of this investigation is to note down some transformers which may require a check.

Kevin Chang - Story

3:00 PM

I usually go for another walk with other colleagues for some fresh air again. After getting back from the walk, I keep working on the current imbalance investigation. Then the Principal Network Specialist turns up and shows me a transformer which has an abnormally high neutral current. A project manager asks me to try to find out the customers connection information of the transformer in case of solving the problem involves adjusting the customers’ load. I manage to extract the customers information by using ElectricView and GIS maps (Powerco’s network maps). Before my home time, I tidy up the finding and send the information to both the Principal Network Specialist and the project manager.

5:30 PM

Home time

I usually cook my dinner and lunch the next day together. I often watch news while eating dinner.

8:00 PM

I play social futsal on Wednesday. Some colleagues form a futsal team to join a social futsal league. If I don’t go to futsal, I sometimes play Ring Fit Adventure for exercise instead. After exercising, I take a shower and then rest for a bit before going to bed.