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Training & Personal Development at PEXA

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Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
I would say most of my training as been learnt through the job. This includes systems implementation and configuration, recruitment skills, process mapping, user story writing, just to name a few.
Graduate, Melbourne
In technology we have a cloud academy which helps both technical and non technical people learn about the cloud and achieve certification. We also have tech bite sessions where we present a topic which can include hands on training. Throughout my time i have picked up many skills such as: programming, DevOps, data analysis, testing, agile and much more.
Graduate, Melbourne
Loads of opportunities to learn both formally and informally. We have been given a $1000 per person budget for training and development purposes.
Graduate, Melbourne
PEXA recently introduced a $1000 Learning and Development program that can be used to further your knowledge on any training and courses you feel may be relevant to you. In addition, training and development programs are always in the works to provide employees with the necessary tools and experience needed to advance their career.
Graduate, Melbourne