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Management at PEXA

8.4 rating for Management, based on 5 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
The managers I have dealt with are always involved with the employees and helping them achieve their goals. They are extremely accessible should you want to have a chat regarding your own growth in the business.
Graduate, Melbourne
Throughout my graduate rotations, I have had good communication with all my managers. They have always been accessible no matter how busy they are. As this was PEXA's first year with graduates, there were a few learnings for the managers but due to feedback from the graduates, the structure of the program has greatly improved.
Graduate, Melbourne
The managers that I've had have all been great. Been very welcoming, understanding, encouraging etc.
Graduate, Melbourne
Managers are extremely open and easy to talk to. For performance management and feedback, PEXA uses Cultureamp for a smooth and easy user experience. Feedback is given constructively and readily.
Graduate, Melbourne