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Job Satisfaction at PEXA

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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
My current role is Business Analyst in Member Services. My day to day is working on business processes and finding areas of improvement for each business unit.
Graduate, Melbourne
Throughout the program I have done a variety of work including DevOps, Data Analysis, Automation, Testing, Mobile testing and much more.
Graduate, Melbourne
Role has changed throughout the graduate program. Currently in Cloud Team. Day-to-day responsibilities are determined by the work allocated to you and the work you seek to take on.
Graduate, Melbourne
I am currently assisting the Project Manager of the Data team deliver projects and solutions in this space. This means constantly communicating with various external and internal stakeholders across the business in addition to attending a lot of meetings on a day to day basis. My responsibilities are to ensure a smooth project delivery and to assist in any possible to reach that outcome, even if i have to do odd-jobs here and there.
Graduate, Melbourne
A strong focus on learning. Helping with ad-hoc tasks as well as any projects that align with my learning. objectives
Graduate, Melbourne