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Culture at PEXA

9.4 rating for Culture, based on 5 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Everyone is super friendly and supportive in the office. They are always willing to have a chat whether it be work-related or personal. Although there is a structure in place, everyone is viewed as equal. For example, a graduate like me could pitch an idea to someone higher and see where it goes.
Graduate, Melbourne
It is a very open and welcoming environment. Throughout my time at PEXA, the business as grown at a fast pace but has stayed true to its values because of it strong culture. With the use of tools such as slack, collaboration and innovation has been very strong. It has created a sense of one large family working together.
Graduate, Melbourne
Very friendly and welcoming in both office work and after hours. Fairly standard hierarchical structure. Lots of activities and programs designed around building a good community and allowing employees to interact with other people outside of their team. Recently participated in a charity hack day with other employees from outside my team.
Graduate, Melbourne
Corporate Culture is definitely the most positive I have ever experienced. The level of support received as a graduate in addition to all the warm and friendly people willing to lend a helping hand is something that I feel very lucky and blessed to have. After hours, PEXArians continue the banter at bars and also at home. It truly feels like you are part of a big family working at PEXA. The office has an open plan layout, with teams sitting closely together and no one isolated. While there are offices for executives, there are plans to remove the walls so that executives sit amongst their colleagues. This should give some insight into the level of hierarchy here at PEXA.
Graduate, Melbourne